Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunset beach day in Indian Rocks Beach

School's about to start and I needed out. The beach was beckoning me since several people have asked me this week where to see a sunset. I sent a lot of people over to Honeymoon Island in Clearwater and to eat at Frenchy's... and that was my plan. Unfortunately, I feared the Saturday night crowd might be a little too much for me. Instead we headed over to Indian Rocks Beach just south of Clearwater.

Keegen's is one of my favorite places in that area and it is a 3D - Guy Fieri recommendation as well. It is good! Probably should've stuck with it. But no, I had to try something new. We hit Lulu's. Apparently it's owned by the son of the guy that owns the local crab place as well. It was OK. Food was mostly good. Service however, was disappointing. Begging for drinks, issues with the bill, and an appetizer that comes with your food, and waitresses grabbing their stomaches because they feel sick just doesn't seem to set the mood. Am I right? Luckily none of us got sick. The food was good though.

Beach time. I had checked the sunset time and it looked like it would be about 8 o'clock. It was time for us to find a spot on the beach. Since it was so late in the day it really wasn't that tough to find a parking spot and a beautiful spot in The sand. The kids played. Heck, even I did too. 

We had a good time and the beach was absolutely beautiful. The sunset was spectacular as well. I can't complain about anything at the beach. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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