Saturday, September 5, 2015

Stepping Back in Time at Tampa Theatre

So first disclosure: This is an AbKT and not so much an AbJ. I wasn't even aware of this venue but was amazed by the location. Just beautiful.

The Tampa Theatre is a venue out of the 1920's with a huge mix of different architecture styles. There are details every where you look. If you're anything like me the whole place is a "squirrel" kind of eye candy experience. Everywhere I looked there was something interesting or beautiful. I think I stopped mid sentence and said "Peacock!" one time. I also caught myself dazing off at the sky, er ceiling, since there are stars and clouds moving across the dome. This was in no disrespect to the wonderful company or the great movie.

Oh, the movie, yes. We saw Learning To Drive and it was a good movie as well. Very sweet and thought-provoking. I'd easily go back to see something else or to go to one of their events. Upcoming is Napoleon Wineamite. Seriously, how cool does that sound?

But I digress. My dear friend really captured the essence of the Tampa Theater with her article. Read it here. Seriously. 

When are we going back? Who's in?

Need a place to hit before or after? It's Tampa. Not a problem. We checked out New World Brewery in Ybor City and picked out from the large beer list and caught some live music as well. 

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