Sunday, April 26, 2015

Foodie Map for Florida

Okay foodie friends, did you know there was a map with the links to all those restaurants you see on Food Network and food TV programs? Me neither. But here it is. If you scroll to the bottom you can sort by the show it was featured on and you can zoom into just Orlando as well. Have fun and let me know if you try anything good! AbJ days always involve FOOD!! LOL

Cady's favorite is from Swede Dish food truck!

Zoominations at Lowry Park Zoo

I've heard that the Zoominations  Chinese Lantern exhibit at Lowry Park Zoo was beautiful but I wanted to see for myself. A group of us headed that way last weekend to find out if it would live up to the hype. We grabbed some 1/2 price Groupon tickets before we went since that is always a plus. Look to spend about $25 a ticket if you don't get the Groupon deal.

The event opened at 6 so we planned dinner ahead of time. With a large party it was hard to find something close that worked for everyone. We ended up at Taco Bus. One of my favorites!!! Yum. Not everyone is a fan though so be forewarned. It is a Guy Fieri pick from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The fish tacos were scrumptious and I always get a Horchata to drink. Perfect.

So off we went to the Zoo! Guess what? It was PACKED!  We were so lucky we didn't have a stroller to try to get through that crowd but it was difficult to keep everyone together. And be prepared to wait a bit for the best view. It was still light out at 6, even into 7 o'clock, so we had to wait for the darkness to see the beautiful glow. We found stuff to keep the kids busy for a while. There were some of the kiddie rides open and there was Kona Ice for a snack. It was definitely hot enough for a cold treat. Be aware that there aren't any animals to see, or hardly any at all. I think we managed to see birds and bats! The bats were very cool though!!!

Once it is dark it is a beautiful sight but did I mention it was crowded? Yes, it was very crowded. If I was going to try it again I'd go later, say 9 or 9:30. You'll still have plenty of time to see everything and maybe the crowd will clear out some.

Here are a few of the beautiful lanterns...

Zoominations runs until May 31st so check it out! Maybe pick a weeknight to avoid the crowds and don't forget to check Groupon! Next time I'll go check out the animals. Lowry Park is a great ZOO aside from their extra events.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Training for Spring Break

Unfortunately I had to have a bit of surgery and I'm using my spring break for recovery. I did manage to get out to a Braves Spring Training game out at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. That was totally worth it.

The Braves were playing the pirates and it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a ball game. The facility is wonderful and has those certain Disney touches you would expect while still feeling completely like a stadium. We had great seats behind first base but the people stretched out on blankets in the lawn section looked like they were happy basking in the sun.

The real reason we ended up at the game was to watch Lexi Northrup perform the National Anthem and she did a rock star job of just that! I hear that she'll sing a few more very soon as well.

Overall it's worth a trip to see something out at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. Go! Enjoy it!