Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Training for Spring Break

Unfortunately I had to have a bit of surgery and I'm using my spring break for recovery. I did manage to get out to a Braves Spring Training game out at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. That was totally worth it.

The Braves were playing the pirates and it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a ball game. The facility is wonderful and has those certain Disney touches you would expect while still feeling completely like a stadium. We had great seats behind first base but the people stretched out on blankets in the lawn section looked like they were happy basking in the sun.

The real reason we ended up at the game was to watch Lexi Northrup perform the National Anthem and she did a rock star job of just that! I hear that she'll sing a few more very soon as well.

Overall it's worth a trip to see something out at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. Go! Enjoy it!

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