Sunday, March 22, 2015

Drive on the beach? Okay, where?

It was the kid's 13th birthday this week and she asked for a beach day. It's hard to accommodate everyone but we settled on New Smyrna Beach since one of the other requests was grilling on the beach. We set out early, well not early enough and you'll see why, and set our sights for the entrance just past Chase's.  Buttttt, so did everyone else. 

We started over the bridge and saw the dreaded warning signs that beach parking was full and to seek off beach parking. Nope, not an option for our caravan with one that couldn't handle that hike. 

Time to put AbJ to the test as I started seeking out the back up plan. Daytona Shores/Ponce Inlet sounded like the best possibility. So a big u-turn and here we go. It was just about 15 miles further north but we got there and drove right on the beach. No problem. Even found three spots together with plenty of sand all to ourselves. 

And a great day was had by all. The fog rolled in which was a bit strange. The ice cream truck rolled by and the kids and adults were all happy as can be. We grilled and munched from the back of the cars and played in the surf. 

Sadly I wasn't feeling 100% so dinner on the way back was cancelled and the group was a bit disappointed. Otherwise we would have easily made the stop at Aunt Catfish. I guess I owe everyone another trip out there for yummy seafood and some cinnamon rolls. Next time for sure. 

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