Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ABJ Road Trip - Day 2 - Ft. Myers

It's time for the beach but it is actually pouring outside. I mean the wake you up in the middle of the night, trees swaying, flash flood warning kind of rain. We took it slow this morning and then just vowed that it would be a wet day and said, "so what!" And off we went...

After reading up and seeing some of Lover's Key State Park we decided to make that the stop first thing. There is a great trail there but remember the rain I was talking about? Well, most of our trail looked like this...

This would be the point where she questions my vacation planning skills and I replied that she'd have really good stories to tell one day. Really, it was awfully mucky and buggy. We did the shorter option of the trail but it was pretty funny. 

The beach, however, is gorgeous! Just beautiful white sand and clear, calm water as far as you can see. There were quite a few sea turtle nests as well. We watched the next wave of storms come in as we sat there. 

What got my attention was a bunch of driftwood trees off to my right so I went off to get a better view. These trees were absolutely beautiful and really made my day. A few were overturned and the roots exposed showing the beauty of nature. One tree had shells placed all over it (yes, I placed one as well!) and there were a few locks place on it as well. How romantic to have a lock placed on this tree in Lover's Key State Park. Maybe one day I'll get to go back for that reason. A girl should be so lucky. 

Remember that storm moving in? Well, it was time for us to move out! Off to lunch. Another place we had on the list was Heavenly Biscuit. Yum!!! They really do have some wonderful biscuits and is worth a stop in to eat. Be aware... cash only!! There is an ATM on site for your convenience. 

All in all a pretty wet and wonderful day was had by both of us. The bonding time has been a plus as well, even with a little extra time in the room watching the weather pass. Ft. Myers, I will be back!

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