Monday, August 3, 2015

ABJ Road Trip - Day 1 - Peace River, Punta Gorda and Ft. Myers

We set out early this morning and drove through some towns in Florida and found our way to the Peace River in Zolfo Springs at Pioneer Park. We did a few Geocaches here as well and learned some history about the area. We really, really wanted to go and find some fossils in the Peace River but it is a little too high right now to dig around. I'm told that when the water is lower in the winter, that's the perfect time.

After that stop we continued on the journey to find the Peace River Wildlife Center and walked around the Ponce deLeon Historical Park as well. This park is right on the water in Punta Gorda and has wonderful views. The wildlife center is home to many rescued birds and other animals and is worth a visit. 

One of the stops I was determined to make was a visit to Peace River Seafood... and I'm glad I did. It was soooooo good!  Just look at those blue crabs. Delicious. 

Time to head to Ft. Myers. The weather has been a bit icky with lots of on and off rain all day so I'm a little sad that the beach sunset may not happen tonight. We did stop at a few parks on the way including Manatee Park, but no manatees today. Just lots of rain. However we did see manatees at Lover's Key State Park when we drove in and pulled off to the observation point. 

Bonita Beach was beautiful as well but the clouds were just not breaking away to let much sunshine in or the sunset either. This was pretty much the case and we beach hopped down the coast through Estero Island and Ft. Myers Beach. Still, it's wonderful to put your toes in the sand. 

So instead it was dinner time and my daughter lobbied for Ford's Garage due to her obsession with Ford trucks. Dinner was pretty yummy but the ambiance is the reason to go and check it out. 

So that was a long day, right? Who are you telling? I'm exhausted! Night, night!

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