Monday, February 15, 2016

Beer and Barbara Manatee...

Not what you would call a typical Valentine's Day outing but beer and Barbara sounded about right.

We started with a trip to Longwood's Hourglass Brewery for beer with our wings from Papa Bee's. Good stuff all the way around!

Just about 40 minutes from Longwood is Blue Springs State Park and in the colder months there are tons of manatees to be see at the spring. I think the count yesterday was over 300 and I'm sure I saw at least 100 of those and we were late in the afternoon. Be forewarned, the line to get in can be longggggg. Did I mention it can be long? Really long. Seriously, we probably waited an hour to get in but it was well worth it. You can see plenty of manatees in a few hours or you can picnic and spend all day watching the wildlife in the park. Heck, rent a kayak or go for a swim in the warmer months. 

It never gets old watching these gentle giants swim. 

Barbara here was doing some log rolls while basking in the sun. 

What are you still doing here? Go. See Barbara and her friends. Really. Sing her this special song like I do. 

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  1. OMG....I can't believe you posted the are too much.