Monday, February 1, 2016

Arrr! The Pirates invade Tampa at Gasparilla!

It's time for the pirates to invade Tampa! Yahoo! The annual invasion takes place over a month and is put together by Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla. The day began with the boats invading and then the parade begins. We tried to get anywhere close to see the boats but the crowd was insane and we couldn't get all the way to a good view. I think we would have needed to be there maybe before 9am to have any chance at it at all. Now I'm envisioning a great brunch event with mimosas out there that would offer that view. Ah, maybe another year. 

Not much of a view of the full harbor but if you look closely at the left corner you can see the big pirate ship. And no matter where you are you can hear the booms of the cannons.

Arr! You have to dress like a pirate to get the full effect. Here are a few of our Mateys.

And the parade begins! Yeah!!!

The floats started rolling by a bit after 3. I think there were 102 in all. That's a long parade!

He's firing some cannons off the back of this ship/float! They sure are loud! You could sell ear plugs and make some easy money.

That's Mom. She likes big beads and she cannot lie. The little boy next to her is sure eyeing them though!

All in all, it's a fun day! Pack a lunch, bring some chairs and claim your spot! The waiting is part of the fun so make it a comfortable wait. See you next year.

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