Sunday, January 3, 2016

Caves in Florida. What?!?!

Yep! You heard me. Caves in Florida.

Florida Caverns State Park is located up in the panhandle near where the time changes on I-10 in Marianna. It's just a short drive off the interstate and we timed it perfectly on our trip to Louisiana to take a tour. Be sure to call ahead and see what times they offer the tours when you visit. And so you know, it was $5 for the car to get in and then $8 each for the tour. Worth it.

We were there a bit early so we explored and did a few geocaches while we waited. This led us to the entrance before anyone else so that was a nice opportunity to check out the stairs with no one else around.

Time for the tour. We must have gotten the most "interesting" tour guide ever. And by interesting, I actually mean a bit of an odd duck. Just the way he phrased everything and stared intensely at us through the whole tour. Everything was on his top 3 list and his favorite. But hey, he enjoyed his job I guess. We enjoyed the tour and exploring though. Very cool stop.

There are lots of limestone formations and stalactites and stalagmites all around and some were dripping and forming.

It's hard to tell scale here but some rooms were very tall and some lower to the ground. You do need to be physically able to walk bent over and on uneven ground to make it through the caves. If you get short of breath easily and don't bend easily, skip it. Also, wear tennis shoes. It can be pretty slick in there. You will also be remind several thousand times to duck and not knock your head on the cave.

The rooms are illuminated as you go in to them and the lights get turned off as you go through. No need for a flashlight. They've done a nice job making sure you can see everything.

So go, enjoy! See the caves that Florida has to offer. It's a great stop on a road trip.

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