Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lights in St. Augustine

So we were just sitting around and trying to think of something to do. The kid says, "St. Augustine." I followed that up with, "Lights!" Moments later it was, "Let's Go!" So we did.

It actually was perfect timing since it was already the afternoon and well, you need it to be dark to see the lights. It is roughly a two hour drive for us to get up to St. Augustine and it was perfectly timed. The weather was beautiful and chilly making it feel even more like the holidays.

I mean, take a look....

I'm always on the search for a Geocache in the area and St. Aug doesn't disappoint. This one qualifies as the smallest one we have ever found. It feels a little like finding a hidden treasure. Good stuff. And the street musician playing for us as we searched was quite awesome as well. 

The buildings are beautiful and the architecture is superb everywhere you look. 

The statues and history around St. Augustine are fun to read up on as well. It's not the 4th grade field trip capital of Florida for nothing!

It's getting DARK!  Look at the lights... everywhere!!!

This display wins my vote for the best decorations in the city!

And last but not least we made a stop inside the oldest pharmacy. I was able to see it all before the wax museum purchased the building but the last time we went it was closed. I am glad to see that they have maintained the original shelves and items that were in some of the pharmacy. It's fun to just stand there and read the labels. I mean, there was even a suppository mold. Try explaining that one to the kids. Interesting.

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