Thursday, July 16, 2015

St. George Island Trip

While this certainly isn't an AbJ trip it is a fun one. Some dear friends have a family beach house on the island and we were fortunate enough to come out and join them for the week. St. George is one of those beautiful, natural places that you just can't easily find anymore. The sand is like powder and the beaches are pristine. Ahhh, St. George.

I should just let the pictures do the explaining for me...

The sky changes often giving you beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

The walk down to the Gulf.

The St. George Lighthouse has some interesting history. Oddly enough I was able to see it in the original location before the collapse.  

We made an early morning trip down to the state park and it was amazing. We did a few Geocaches while we were there too and spotted tons of ghost crabs.

Oyster City Brewing is not too far away in Apalachicola and that makes for a fun day trip as well. Who can resist a nice flight of beers by the bay? Not us! There are plenty of things for everyone as well... shops, ice cream, t-shirts, book store, sponges and more. Even great places to eat! Yum. 

Once upon a time when the kids were younger we would come to St. George as well. This made a great chance to recreate the photos from 12 years ago!

And more than amazing have been the sightings of dolphins every single day that we have been here. Did I mention EVERY SINGLE DAY?????  Several of us have chased the dolphins out there and been successful this week. The girls had dolphins in between the kayak and the paddle board. They jumped right in front of them as well. I was out there and had one dance right by me a paddle length away. Absolutely amazing! I'll take that view any day! 

Well enough for the update for now. I'm going back to vacation. Stay tuned. 

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