Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sea Turtle Nests

I was just a few minutes too late to see the sea turtle eggs that were laid last night. I came out and the conservationist guy was covering them and marking the nest. You know me, I had to run over and find out more.

Turns outfit was a loggerhead sea turtle nest and you can tell by the alternating tracks. I also learned that invests one of three nests from last night and there have been 191 nests laid this season on St. George Island. They check to make sure there are eggs so that they don't put a post through them when protecting them. In 2010 they added the wire covering because of coyotes in the area well. The sea turtles can still get out, just harder for other animals to get in to the nests. 

Very cool to speak with this gentleman and to thank him for his work. Maybe one day I'll get to do that, too! 

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