Monday, June 22, 2015

Adventure to Jetty Park & The Space Coast

Yay! Summer vacation is here and we are off to Jetty Park for a week of RV camping! This should be fun and interesting to say the least.

Well, it was. We camped at Jetty Park Campground which really is a lovely campground, but whoa... all sites are not created equal. There are some wonderfully shaded spots and some that just sit in the blaring sun. One day we were there was a record temp day with a "feels like" temp of 103 degrees. Yes. 103 degrees in the full sun without a bit of shade and a breeze to be found no where. In case you go, make sure you don't get set up at site 350.

That actually leads me to a bit of a side topic... knowing how to pick an RV site is pretty tough. Do you homework! You could end up with no shade and on the end like we did or you could have a beautiful site in the shade just 1 row over. If anyone has any great sites to tell me about finding out this information please share!

Okay, back to the adventure part. We set up camp and were so hot we needed to cool off. Time for the beach. It's a short walk through the camp, across the parking lot and then down the boardwalk. But when we got there we almost went back and packed up to go home. So depressing. The beach was FULL of seaweed. And I mean FULL. You couldn't see a break in the seaweed as far as the eye could see. I hear that it was a strange phenomenon that was as far north as St. Augustine and as far south as Delray Beach. On top of that they couldn't rake it up or clean up the beaches because it was sea turtle nesting season as well.

We ended up buying a small kiddie pool just to get some relief from the heat and since the beach wasn't usable. I saw someone else at the campground with the same idea so we ran with it... only to be told a day later that wasn't allowed. Ugh. At least the beach was clearing up so we could use the ocean to cool off in some.

There's also a great fishing pier or the actually jetty that you can walk down and see quite a lot of different things. Over the course of the week I ventured out there several times. I saw dolphins, sea turtles, lots of people fishing, boats and cruise ships go in and out and some beautiful scenery. Don't miss the cruise ships going out. You can find a schedule to see what is heading out when that the port puts out right here. The big ships going right past you are hard to watch since I'd rather climb aboard!

For dinner we mostly grilled or cooked outside which was a lot of fun. We ventured to Rusty's one night but it just isn't as good as it once was. The view is great and they have lot of menu choices but apparently you shouldn't trust the website since they are fighting with the webmaster and it's not accurate. Expect tiny portions for a 4 or 5 year old on the kid's menu. The other menu items tend to run on the small to average side of things. I've done Yelp reviews for Rusty's as well so be sure to check there. There are a few other choices like Grills, Milliken's Reef and Fish Lips. All seem to be about the same. Go with Grills if you want the freshest seafood in my opinion. 

For dessert we tried The Fat Donkey. Yum!!!  What a cool little place. It's counter service but everyone liked their treats. 

Look!!  The beach finally cleared up!! Time to swim! The water was really nice and surf school was out many mornings. It's cute to watch the little ones stand up and ride a wave in to the shore. 

Exploring all the seaweed finally grew on me a bit and there was some interesting finds in there. I found this puffy sand dollar. It was so fragile it didn't even make it home. Among the mess were tons of horseshoe crabs, dead fish, ropes, goggles and more. It had a bit of a stinky smell but not overly awful out there. 

Overall Jetty Park is a nice place to visit and I'd be happy going again. I'll definitely check the site location before the adventure begins. Thanks for following our Adventures!

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