Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Adventure in O-Town

Yep, you read that right! An adventure right here in Orlando. I don't report on those often since an adventure really feels like I need to drive just a little ways to get some exploring in and to experience something new.

What motivated me to stay close? $5 admission to the Orlando Science Center did the trick! Generally admission is a bit more than that but they had an evening sponsored by Walmart where you could get in for just $5 from 6-10. My hope was that it wouldn't be too crowded but I was wrong there. Word must have spread far and wide. It was packed. We stood in line for a good 30 minutes or more to get in and it even got to the point where it was hard to walk inside the museum. But, we didn't let that spoil our night. We hit every exhibit and saw everything we could. We even managed to see a movie in the dome about the stars and the universe. I really wanted to see the Galapagos movie but we missed that.

I haven't actually been to the Orlando Science Center in a few years or so but some of the same stuff was there along with some new exhibits. The Human Body exhibit was there but closed off for this event. The dinosaur exhibit is one of my favorites along with the live animals at the bottom of the museum. $5 made it more than worthwhile, even with the crowds!

By the time we left everyone was a little bit STARVING!!! But where to eat at 9:15 with kids??? I know. Pig Floyds! I've had them bookmarked on my Yelp account for a while and they were open. Let's go!

We were there pretty late and on a Tuesday of all days so they were out of brisket and pulled pork at that time. Didn't matter to me since I wanted a butter chicken taco and the yucca. My daughter got that and then added grilled veggies (a perfect assortment of many veggies) and plantains. Everything we got was delicious. The plantains were amazing. Cooked just right to be sweet and a little caramelized. Mmmmm. They even had a good beer selection but I bypassed that for some yummy sweet tea. Others in our party got tacos, ribs and fries and everyone was pleased and happy. The seasoning for the fries was perfect! I'd go back in a heartbeat! I'm sure the pulled pork and brisket would have been a hit as well.

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