Sunday, May 31, 2015

Winter Garden Adventure

Winter Garden is just one town over from where I live but what a town it is. My daughter and I decided to head to the Farmers Market and New Plant St. Market.

The Farmers Market runs on Saturdays from 9-2 and it is worth checking out. There are some fantastic vendors out there as well as lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I love getting pickles from Mr. and Mrs. Pickle. So delicious but next time I'm going for the cream cheese stuffed olives. 
 My daughter is a big fan of Holy Cow beef jerky and loves their teriyaki and finer flavored. We also picked up our fresh veggies for dinner - squash, zucchini, red potatoes and more. I'm always fascinated by the colorful carrots at The Farmacy but have yet to try them. 

For the young ones there is a fantastic splash pad fountain that is free for all to enjoy. There was face painting offered and all the kids love the snowballs and soft serve ice cream that The Whip food truck provided. 

What else can you find? Lots!!! Smoothies, Cuban sandwiches, dried fruits and nuts, powdered dip bags, crepes, empanadas, essential oils, pet products and more. 

After the Farmers Market we headed over to the new Plant St. Market

It sits just on the other side of city hall from the Farmers Market. What a great concept for an indoor space. Different vendors share their wares and there are lots of food related items, even a small restaurant and The Crooked Can brewery on the back end. The Wandering Wanton was our choice for a snack and we tried the buffalo chicken wanton and the sweet potato and coconut ones. Yummy! 

There were pastries being sold, tea, coffee, pet products, olive oils, jewelry, essential oils and more. 

I was on the hunt to get to The Crooked Can and try the Axum Chocolate Stout. I made it! All the way on the back end is the brewery but what a great set up. They had several beers on tap and flights available to try! Next time!!! They are open until 2am so you can even have a night out and hit the brewery. 

There is a lot of seating offered but my daughter and I made our way to the front steps to enjoy our food. We had a great day in Winter Garden. 

There are a ton of great places in Downtown Winter Garden. There are some superb restaurants and shops as well. Go! Explore! Have your own adventure and let me know what you find! 

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