Monday, May 25, 2015

Gainesville Fun

So, I've realized that I am really, really bad at keeping up with this blog. But, I'm pretty good at adventures. With that said, we had a pretty good adventure yesterday up in Gainesville.

We started off going to find Hogs Creek where I read that you can find shark teeth in the shallow creek water. Yep. You sure can. We made our way to the creek through the Loblolly Park which is one of the parks run by the City Of Gainesville. It's a short, easy walk and there are a few places to access the water. It was beautiful here and I'll be back. Oh, and if you Geocache there are a few to do out here as well.

After all that hunting around for shark teeth you may get a little hungry. Understandable. We were on the search for something different. One of my AbJ rules is no chain food on adventures. Nope, what's the point in that?

We wanted to go to Satchel's but no luck. They are closed on Sunday and Monday. Don't let that deter you. Delicious pizza to be had there and great sights to see. Don't forget they are cash only as well.

So we aimed for The Swamp. Nope. Closed for some unknown reason. Not sure why. Maybe something to do with the Memorial Day Weekend.

And then we ended up at The Crafty Bastard for dinner.  Yummy and a GREAT selection of beer both on draft and in bottles. The food was very good as well. The menu is a little limited but there are a lot of burger choices and yes, they do have a kid menu. All good there.

We needed a bit of dessert after that and the kids were screaming for ice cream. Mochi had a great selection of toppings and fro yo! The cherry amaretto was delicious!!!

Time for the bats... and gators. Well, first a stop to see The Baughman House and it is beautiful. It is next to Lake Alice where you are sure to see some turtles and gators up close and personal. Enjoy the view while you wait for dusk to see the bats emerge from the bat house. There are over 400,000 bats that fly out at dusk and sometimes you even get to see the hawks go after the bats.

All in all, it's a fun afternoon and a great way to spend it outside!!! Let me know what fun you find in Gainesville when you visit.

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